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Formula Vigrx Oil
Male Enhancement Oil Mengapa Vigrx oil bekerja jauh lebih baik daripada produk lainnya?
Selain memiliki formulasi yang tepat, faktor yang paling penting dalam memproduksi hasil adalah kualitas bahan. Bahan dalam VigRX Oil adalah bahan-bahan segar dan terbaik yang tersedia. Itu sebabnya tidak ada produk lain yang dapat dibandingkan dengan VigRX Oil .

Apa yang ada di VigRX Oil, dan bagaimana cara kerjanya?
VigRX Oil adalah rumus ilmiah yang telah direkayasa untuk mendapat hasil maksimal. Kami melakukan pekerjaan rumah kami untuk membuat ini salah satu formula terbaik. Ini termasuk teruji secara ilmiah, herbal afrodisiak yang ampuh dari Cina, Eropa, dan Amerika Selatan. ini campuran yang tepat dari herbal membentuk kombinasi kuat efektif dijamin untuk merangsang aktivitas seksual, menjaga ereksi penis anda dan meningkatkan kenikmatan seksual . Manfaat semua bahan ini telah dikenal selama berabad-abad, penting untuk mengetahui bahwa studi klinis telah mendukung manfaatnya.

Herbal Ingredients Aphrodisiac Herbal Concentrates Male Enhancer Sexual Clinical Studies Scientifically Engineered Enhancers

Our proven ingredients include:
Epimedium Leaf Extract - Epimedium Sagittatum

Boost LibidoAlso known as "Horny Goat Weed", Epimedium has been used for thousands of years as a libido enhancer.

Medical research has discovered that the active ingredient is icariin. Icariin is used to increase erectile function. Another effect of Epimedium is, it allows more blood to flow to the penis. It does this by allowing the nitric oxide levels to increase, relaxing smooth muscles. It also acts as a mild PDE-5 inhibitor. Like Viagra, Epimedium reduces PDE-5 levels, although at a level that doesn't produce unwanted side effects.

After centuries of use in China, top medical doctors now report that Epimedium can be used to boost libido, improve erectile function, restore sexual power and increase sensation. Scientifically, Epimedium works by freeing up testosterone, which naturally increases sex drive and endurance.

Cuscuta Seed Extract - Semen Cuscutae

Increases Sex DriveA recent medical trial studied the effect of Semen Cuscutae on men with dead sperm. The result showed a more than 70% increase in live sperm and sperm motility.

Other uses of Cuscuta are treatment of leukorrhea as well as aching lower back, symptoms that often accompany deficient kidney conditions which cause sexual weakness. It is used to increase fertility in both men and women, and is listed as an aphrodisiac in all traditional Chinese pharmacopoeias.

Ginkgo Biloba Leaf - Ginkgoaceae

Improved ErectionsGinkgo has been shown to be nutritional support for mental alertness, enhanced vitality level, circulatory health and blood vessel health.

Like Cuscuta, Gingko Biloba increases vascular blood flow- resulting in improved erections. Studies have suggested that Gingko biloba works by promoting smooth muscle relaxation in the corpus corpus cavernosum. In the last 30 years, more that 300 studies have given clinical evidence that Ginkgo prevents and benefits many problems throughout the entire body.

Ginkgo improves peripheral circulation, oxygenation, and increases blood flow to the genitals to improve sexual function and the power of an erection. In a recent scientific study, 78% of men with non-medically caused impotence problems reported significant improvement - significantly, with no side effects.

Asian Red Ginseng - Panax Ginseng

Asian Red GinsengThe traditional use of Ginseng is to overcome general weakness and deliver extra energy. It also has aphrodisiacal powers.

A double-blind study by the Department of Urology, University of Ulsan College of Medicine, Asan Medical Center, Seoul, Korea attempted to study the "efficacy of Korean red ginseng for erectile dysfunction." Their conclusion was, Our data show that Korean red ginseng can be an effective alternative for treating male erectile dysfunction.

A key ingredient of Ginseng is ginsenoside, which alters blood flow to the brain and penis and can build blood and sperm. Russian scientists have reported and recorded that Ginseng stimulates both physical and mental activity, enhances athletic performance and has a positive effect on the sex glands.

Used to combat non medically caused impotence, Ginseng helps normalize blood pressure while rejuvenating and revitalizing the body.

Muira Pauma Bark Extract - Ptychopetalum Olacoides

Herb for Erectile DysfunctionMuria Pauma is used to restore sexual virility and to increase sexual desire and potency in men.

Dr. Jacques Waynberg, at the Institute of Sexology in Paris, France, did a study of 262 men complaining of lack of sexual desire, or the inability to maintain or attain an erection. The results showed that 62% of men with a lack of libido had benefited. 51% of men who had erection problems also benefited.

Recent clinical studies further validate the potency of Muria Pauma. Presently, the mechanism of action of Muira Pauma is unknown, From the preliminary information, it appears that it works on enhancing both psychological and physical aspects of sexual function. Future research will undoubtedly shed additional light on this extremely promising herb for erectile dysfunction.

Catuaba Bark Extract - Erythroxylum Catuaba

catuabaThe historic traditional use of this herbal tonic is legendary. Many say it is the most famous of all the Brazilian aphrodisiac plants. It is said that regular consumption of Catuaba bark over a period of time leads first to erotic dreams, which are later followed by increased libido.

Medical studies have shown that in addition to it's antiviral and antibacterial properties, it dilates blood vessels. According to Dr. Meira Penna, Catuaba functions as a stimulant of the nervous system, above all when one deals with functional impotence of the male genital organ.

It is a strong tonic and nervous system fortifier. Long known for its general capability of giving strength and relieving fatigue. The effect is pronounced in men, especially as a libido enlivener.

Hawthorn Berry - Fructus Crataegi

hawthornThis phytochemical, with exceptional preventive capacities, comes from the hawthorn tree. Hawthorn is rich in bioflavonoids, which relax and dilate the arteries. These compounds are powerful antioxidants that help increase the flow of blood and oxygen to the heart. This reduces the work required by the heart to circulate blood, and in- turn this reduces blood pressure and stress to the heart muscle. The bioflavonoid substances in Hawthorn give strength to the walls of blood vessels and improve blood flow to other areas of the body. Components in Hawthorn have also been shown to lower cholesterol, and the amount of plaque in arteries.

Officially approved for pharmaceutical use in Germany, government studies show the Hawthorn plant to be completely free of any side effects. European studies have shown that the Hawthorn botanical increases blood flow to the heart and brain, protects the heart from irregular beats, enhances the strength of the heart's contractions, and mildly lowers blood pressure.

In a specially designed base for the adult male: Purified Water, Aloe Vera Gel, Shea Butter, Olive Squalane, Apricot Kernel Oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Hyaluronic Acid, L-Arginine HCl, Biosomes A&E Complex, Vitamin C and Natural Preservative (Sorbin Acid).

All these ingredients go to work directly within the male genitalia, with effects on hormonal levels, blood flow and the responsive cells of the penis.

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